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Our 1st Installment of “Meet the Hometown Team!”

Interview with Robin Graudons, Personal Account Representative since 2006

By – Joan LaFemina


Parents, will you get a passing grade? College Prep Quiz…

  1. Your Child is going off to college…Have you packed enough towels, sheets, snacks, electronics?
  2. Will your existing Homeowner’s or other insurance cover all their earthly possessions and protect them as well?
  3. Is your child bringing a car to school or leaving it home?


Often, I am asked what insurance cArticle 1 Robin Graudons Image featuredoverage exists for personal property brought away to college. Your Homeowner’s Policy typically extends coverage for your personal property away for the same covered perils at home. Universities will usually offer supplemental student insurances, although if your existing homeowner’s policy covers the event and/or item you may be paying for duplicate coverage.

Not all policies are alike, read your policy. One item to check for is an off-premises theft exclusion. It is common today for many policies to exclude off-premises theft. If you do not have the exclusion, there may still be a deductible for stolen items.

In addition, if your student has a lot of high-end electronics (computers, stereo systems, electric guitars, TV, video game console), or is living off campus, you may need to acquire a separate Renters policy to properly protect their property. You can usually request a rider or endorsement be added to the homeowner’s policy to increase your existing coverage.

Check with me or your Personal Account Representative: Faith, Alicia or Joanie to confirm what you read in your homeowner’s policy.

When it comes to auto protection, your coverage can go up or down. If taking the car to school, we will need the garaging address and the dates they will be away. To make sure your child is not stranded far from home, make sure that features such as: roadside assistance, and towing coverage are part of your existing policy. Now may be a good time to obtain a quote for added coverage.

Your insurance carrier may offer an away at school discount if the child is not bringing the car to school and the school is more than 100 miles away.  One way to find out? Call us.

Other possible policy discounts for younger drivers: Good student discount, Driver’s Education, Defensive Driving Safety. To obtain any of these discounts be prepared to provide the school or off-campus address. You may need most recent grades or transcript, and carrier requirements differ, some require official transcript and others may allow on-line printouts. Ask us!

Call Hometown today to assess your insurance needs!

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