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5 Questions on Homeowners Insurance

By – Personal Lines Director, Melissa Sauer

Melissa Sauer

Homeowners Insurance is one of the most forgotten policies to review. Outdated coverage and missing credits can cost you not only monthly but in the form of an uncovered claim. The best time to begin reviewing is 2 months before the end of your policy period or after any major renovations/updates. So, plan accordingly! Set time aside to consider what you value most when it comes to your home and lifestyle so you can assure that you and your advisor select the correct coverage! Having proper coverage is what allows you to become whole after a loss.

1. Initially, did you shop around?

Most first time homebuyers don’t spend time researching coverage or screening companies as they prepare to close on their home. New homeowners are dreaming of the backyard BBQ’s and parties they will have in the home of their dreams. Rushing can prevent you from exploring all your options. Don’t choose a company or policy that will leave you short in the event of a claim!  Insurance is in place to replace what you have lost.

2. Have you protected your most valuable possessions?

Everyday changes in life can change your insurance needs. Did you know that the purchase of golf clubs, jewelry, firearms, or art may not be properly covered under your standard homeowners policy?  Standard home policies can limit these items to a fraction of the purchase value. Valuable items could also be subject to your policy deductible. Consider a personal articles floater or collections policy to ensure worldwide coverage with a decreased or even no deductible. Many times, these personal article floaters offer agreed value on your most valuable possessions to restore full worth in the event of a loss.

3. Where would you stay in the event your home was not an option?

After a claim, the last thing you want to worry about is keeping your family in a safe place.  We specialize in making sure our clients have enough loss of use coverage. This makes sure day to day life isn’t disrupted in the case of a catastrophe. Insurance can cover increased daily expenses, like eating out, during the resolution of a claim.

4. Do you know if your coverage is adequate?

When a claim is filed, is not the time to find out that your policy does not have high enough limits. Our advisors can take time one on one to walk you through coverage options tailored to your needs. We take the jargon out and put the people first.

5. Are you receiving a Discount?

Here at Hometown Insurance, we provide discount programs for our customers who are Firefighters, EMTs, retired police officers, union members and more. Did you know helping your community can help you with special auto and homeowners insurance rates? For years, we have been supporting our Firefighters, EMT’s, and other community service members who keep us safe every day.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we can help!

Call your trusted Hometown insurance advisor today to review your Homeowners policy at 1-800-568-SAVE (7283) or contact us by email at for helpful information.

We work for you!

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