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Can You Place a Value on Your Pal?


By Joan LaFemina


Is Fido your constant companion? I love my dog Penny as a family member and try to take her with me whenever I can. Many people bring their pets on car trips to the beach, to family parties, and the vet. A common question I receive as an agent is, “Is my pet covered under my auto policy as an insured if injured in an auto accident?”


The answer is, coverage depends on which company you have! Progressive currently offers $1,000 for Fido if injured during an incident, but not all companies offer this feature. Fido is not covered under your typical auto policy bodily injury or medical payments. As lovable as our dogs are they are still considered property, not people. For this reason, there are circumstances they might be covered under property damage. However, state law and courts, not your auto policy, would dictate if liability applies and what amount if any could be recovered.


Even if Fido was covered somehow, what price would you consider enough for that for that big, goofy friend that gives unconditional love and joy? Common practice to replace your furry friend has always been fair market value, which would depend on pedigree and other factors. My Penny is a mixed breed with no real monetary worth, yet priceless to me. If something happened to her there is not a dollar figure that could replace her so I will try my best to drive carefully when I have such precious cargo!


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