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Are Your Valuable Items Protected from Loss?


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Materials Excerpted From: Travelers – Essential Protection for Valuable Possessions

Have you purchased jewelry, artwork, antiques or other valuables since you first purchased your homeowners insurance policy? If so, you may need extra protection for those items. At Hometown Insurance, we want to make sure your family and your belongings are well protected!

Valuable Items Plus

Builds on your homeowners policy. People who own valuable possessions need broader coverage than a basic homeowners policy provides. Now you can enhance your Homeowners policy with the Valuable Items Plus endorsement. While homeowners insurance pays for loss or damage from certain causes, such as, fire, theft and other named perils, Valuable Items Plus expands coverage to protect your valuables from loss caused by additional perils (subject only to a few common exclusions).

Now you can purchase coverage for jewelry, antiques, paintings, tapestries, statues and other fine art, silverware, or furs. When you compare higher limits with the totals paid by traditional homeowners insurance for losses of personal articles, the difference is clear. It is easy to add Valuable Items Plus protection. No appraisals or other extra steps are involved because this is blanket coverage for all of the property you select to insure. So if you have a Homeowners policy and valuables that mean a lot to you, consider the advantages and affordability of Valuable Items Plus.

Personal Articles Floater

If you own valuable, rare or irreplaceable items, such as collectibles or antiques, you may prefer the comprehensive protection offered by the Personal Articles Floater. In case of a covered loss, this specialized coverage allows you to recover the value of an item (based on a recent appraisal or bill of sale). This policy provides coverage for jewelry and fine art at an amount you and your Hometown agent agree upon. For other items the policy provides either, actual cash value, cost to repair, cost to replace or up to the insured amount, depending on what happens to the item and its current value. The Personal Articles Floater is the right policy for people who have carefully selected and invested in items with values exceeding the limits of either a homeowners policy or homeowners policy with Valuable Items Plus.

Are your most valuable possessions protected from loss? Are you sure?  

Call to speak with a trusted advisor at Hometown today at 1-800-568-SAVE (7283) or contact us by email at  and let us explain how we can protect your most valuable possessions.

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