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Backyard Siesta Smarts


By: Joanie LaFemina

As the summer starts to wind down and back-to-school is approaching, many of us are planning backyard BBQs and parties to make the most of the remaining summer warmth. If you have a party planned, please make sure your homeowners or renters insurance is enough to cover unforeseen accidents or liabilities. You may even want to get a quote for an umbrella policy (if you do not already have one) for added liability.

Why? Well, playgrounds, dogs, trampolines and pools are high risk and having adequate coverage will not prevent an accident, but it will help you and your guest recover if something occurs.

Questions to consider:

  1. Does your agent know what breed of dog you have or even that you have one? In the worst-case scenario, your dog gets overexcited by the festivities and nips someone. If you have not previously disclosed the dog to your agent or insurance company and they are an excluded breed, your insurance company can refuse to pay.
  2. Will you be serving alcohol? If so, have your guests choose a designated driver, call Uber or Lyft or keep a cab company number on speed dial. If you are hiring a bartender do they have liability insurance or enough coverage?
  3. We know you are a great cook… but what if someone gets sick? Or, someone slips on a wet floor and breaks an arm? Is your liability and medical payments coverage up to date and enough?

That’s why you have an agent, so we can help you to review existing coverage and add the coverage to secure your peace of mind. Enjoy that party to the fullest and call us to review.


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