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Beach Fun in the Sun

flipflops-beach-carBy Leighann Bentivegna

With summer quickly approaching, everyone’s favorite outdoor activity is beginning again! After Memorial Day Weekend, most beaches are open for business and will be awaiting your arrival. To plan a seamless day, keep reading for some great ideas and tips to create a fun and safe day at the beach!

Don’t Forget the Necessities

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses or a hat
  • Cooler filled with waters and refreshing snacks
  • 2 towels; one to relax on and one to dry you off if you decide to enjoy the water
  • Always handy to bring a beach chair to relax on
  • Wireless Speaker to enjoy some relaxing tunes
  • A sport activity of some sort, like a frisbee or football
  • A good book
  • Travel sized First Aid Kit

Taking Your Car onto the Beach

If your car is equipped with four-wheel drive, it’s the perfect time to take your vehicle on a little joy ride. Before you hit the sand though, you must make sure that you have the required permits to receive beach access. After you do so, it should be all fun from there on! It’s important not to forget to lower your tire pressure to around 16-20 psi before driving on the sand and also always having safety gear handy which includes a shovel, a rope and some 2 x 4’s in case of an emergency.

As a beach driver, it’s important to be considerate to those around you. For example, don’t air down your tires on the middle of a beach ramp, observe local speed limit regulations, and be mindful of the families and pets around you. The rules of the paved road also apply to the rules of the beach road, so enjoy your time and have fun, but also stay in tune to those around you!

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