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Is your Business Protected from a Cyber-attack?

cyber-attack-minCyber-attacks are escalating, putting every business at risk. Many business owners assume they have the right coverage, however, if you have not recently reviewed your cyber coverage, it is recommended you get a thorough review of your risk and protection.

Hackers love to target small businesses. A majority of security breaches happen at small businesses, and 95 percent of reported credit card breaches come from small businesses. A whopping 60 percent of small businesses will close after experiencing a data breach, according to Experian.

What do you need to consider as a business owner? Caution and due diligence…review your internal systems, procedures and insurance coverage.

Ransomware begins when you open a link in an email that unknowingly contains a virus. The virus immediately begins encrypting files, paralyzing your computer network. Files are not unencrypted until you pay a ransom, often demanded in cryptocurrency. Cyber Liability Insurance can help to protect small businesses against these catastrophic ransomware events.

Having the right limits on your cyber liability insurance will protect your company, your clients and your family in the long run.

Hometown Insurance provides a host of options for cyber liability coverage. Call us!

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