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Is My Dog Covered Under My Insurance Policy?

dog-closeupBy Joanie LaFemina

Majority of the time yes, but… it can depend on the breed of your dog and the details in the insurance policy that covers your home. Unfortunately, there are a few breeds that are often not covered under many company policies and many dog owners do not realize they should be informing their insurance agent about their pup.  Your homeowners insurance will normally cover your liability even if you just happen to be dog-sitting, but again, breed matters.

Those few breeds considered “dangerous breeds” or “blacklisted breeds” include Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies or Great Danes and others. Your adorable doggie may not have a bite history and may not be aggressive, but many insurance companies are hesitant to cover these breeds. There are policies called canine liability policies that may be able to help, for homeowners or even for renters.

If you own or adopt a dog, it is important to speak to your insurance agent and make sure there will be no concerns, especially if it is a new policy! If you get a new policy and do not disclose that you have a restricted dog breed it might present a problem if there is ever an incident with the dog.

We would be happy to discuss any questions you may have about your canine companion, and offer quotes, please call Hometown Insurance local to Long Island at 631-589-0100, toll free at 1-800-568-7283 or email us at

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