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Dog Days at the Beach!

couple-dog-beach-compressorBy: Jacque Lynn Schultz, CPDT, Director ASPCA Special Projects

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After Labor Day, more public beaches are open to dogs. Enjoy the sun, sand and water; and follow the ASPCA’s tips to keep your canine companion safe:

  1. Provide water and shade on hot, sunny days.
  2. Not every dog knows how to swim. Wade into the shallow water with your pooch on a long leash and see if he begins to paddle on his own. Monitor him carefully and call it a day when he begins to tire.
  3. If the beach allows dogs off-leash, only do so if a) the area is safe from traffic b) your dog is friendly to all other people, dogs and wildlife and c) your dog comes when called without hesitation. Otherwise, keep the dog leashed.
  4. Make sure your dog has identification. A microchip and tags are preferable.
  5. Ensure that your dog’s flea and tick prevention is up-to-date, especially if you will be on the beach after dark.
  6. Rinse sand and salt out of your dog’s coat and then take him for a walk on the boardwalk to aid drying before getting back in the car and heading for home.



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