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Electric Scooter and Bike Insurance

Material excerpted from – Melissa Sauer, Director of Personal Lines

scooter insurance

Electric Scooter and Bike Insurance

Electric scooters and bikes are a new mode of transport, and insurance companies such as Safeco, and Liberty Mutual, have provided some options for these unique rides.

Electric scooter and bike insurance

Most areas require no insurance for electric scooters, neither for the scooter nor for the rider. This can leave gaps for both damages to the property of others and bodily injury while riding an electric scooter or bike.

Electric scooter and bike insurance can mean coverage for any of the following:

Personal injuries you’ve suffered and the potential expenses related to treating them, like medical expenses after a fall.

Bodily injury to others, like medical expenses for treating them, potential legal expenses, etc.

Property damage to other people’s property caused in an accident involving, like driving into something.

How much does insurance for an electric scooter cost?

The price for electric scooter insurance will vary based on your location but on average you can expect to pay between $100 and $250 in most cases each year.

Does regular insurance cover electric scooters?

Many home carriers don’t cover electric scooters as they are used off-premises away from your home location.

Does auto insurance cover electric scooter accidents?

Suppose your vehicle has less than 4 wheels. Coverage will likely be excluded from your primary auto policy.

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