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Emergency FEMA app Review

FEMA-logoby Joan LaFemina

The FEMA app provides National Weather Service Alerts and is available for Apple, Android and Blackberry mobile devices.

Download to your phone for:

  1. Alerts: I tried it and it works great! You can choose up to five locations to receive alerts about important weather challenges. Recently, the app alerted me to flash flooding occurring near my brother in Georgia, rip currents where my nieces were swimming on Long Island and storms pending by family in Florida. I can’t do anything physically to help them but can advise that a warning has been issued. Can be used while vacationing or for pending events if you do not want to leave it monitoring all the time.
  2. Preparation Guidance: Reminders, tips and emergency customizable checklists
  3. Disaster Resources: Locate open shelters and how to contact FEMA in person or by phone
  4. Submit Disaster Photos: On the spot upload and sharing to assist first responders quickly.

Luckily, most of my recent alerts have been mild. It is a comfort to know this tool could be a lifeline for folks when the need is there. Go ahead and download!


Link to app:

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