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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

smiles3By – Sara Thomson

Winter is coming. It will be here soon bringing the cold weather. Keeping your home warm, safe, and protected is your number one priority and it is also ours here at Hometown Insurance Agency. With you in mind we have compiled a list of home maintenance tips to prepare your home and your family.

A. Heating systems should be checked by a licensed contractor, best is before the cold weather begins.

  1. Clean or replace your furnace filter on forced hot air systems.
  2. Have your fireplace and/or chimney inspected and cleaned.
  3. Fill your fuel tanks (propane, oil, etc.) and keep an eye on the levels.
  4. Keep your heat above 55° to prevent frozen pipes.

B. Insulate your home.

  1. Add extra insulation in the attic to guard against any ice dams. An ice dam is when the ice and snow on a roof melts and then refreezes. This can lead to water damage inside your home or even a possible roof collapse.
  2. Add extra weather stripping around exterior doors.
  3. Check and fix the caulking around windows, inside and out, to guard against drafts and heat loss.
  4. Know where your water pipes are located in case they do freeze, you can prevent damage if you get to them in time. Consider insulating them with foam wrap.

C. Have shovels, salt, sand and other winter equipment ready to go!

  1. Each fall season snow blowers go on sale, considering buying one especially if you have health concerns.
  2. Keep fuel for snow blowers and any generators in an approved safety container and away from heat or flame producing devices. DO NOT store fuel in your basement.

D. Prepare before winter storms to be ready for the unexpected.

  1. Trim trees and remove any dead branches so they do not damage your roof, windows, or outside decking or injure someone if they fall.
  2. Clean out sticks, leaves and other debris from gutters to ensure melting snow can drain properly.
  3. Correct downspouts and soil grade to direct water away from your home’s foundation.
  4. Check smoke detectors, fire alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors.
  5. Set up a family emergency plan, with a first aid kit, important documents, blankets, flashlights, non-perishable food and water. Sounds simple but there may be a time when the roads are not passable.

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