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Grim Creepers VC – Creep-out lll Van/Bike Campout Event

By Jessica Picascio

Photo credit: Jessica Picascio
A camp-out event for van and bike enthusiasts was held August 16th-18th 2021 in Milton, Pennsylvania. What a great time! The heavy rain and thunderstorms just added to the laughter and cooled everyone down from the intense heat Saturday morning. There were mini bike races, fishing contests, food, drinks, live music, tattoos, fireworks, and more.

Although the rain and mud added to the fun, it also caused a few problems: tents, bikes, RVs, vans, and cars were flooded. Anyone too close to the lake needed to be towed out. Dangerous lightning hit a tree, causing branches to fall. Thankfully, everyone was just out of the landing zone and most everybody was able to get home!

The good thing is the attendees were all prepared with first-aid, jumper cables and the number for a good mechanic!

Being prepared and having insurance is important for events like these. Do you know if your bike, RV, van, and cars are insured properly?

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