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HELP! I Just Had a Data Breach…Am I Covered?


By – Hometown Insurance Director of Underwriting, Jenn Barrett

One of the worst phone calls an agent can get from their client is that they just suffered a data breach or a cyber-attack. In the past 10 years, some of the largest firms out there have suffered various breaches:

Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Target, Home Depot, just to name a few. The average cost of a breach in 2020 was $8.64 Million Dollars.

However, everyone says, it can’t or won’t happen to me, until it does! Whether you are a small boutique retail shop, doctor’s office or manufacturer – you are exposed, the minute you take any personal, identifiable personal information, including: employment records, driver’s license, social security number or a credit card.

In the most simplistic of terms, Cyber Liability Insurance is designed to cover the associated cost with breaches and attacks on your business. The impact of these claims can be devastating to both your reputation and your financial stability. Every state mandates requirements for the protection of privacy, including the notification to the person or business, credit monitoring and monitoring the ensuing crisis.

These cyber-attacks are malicious and happen in a multitude of ways:

• Denial of Service

• Phishing (not Fishing)

• Ransomware

• Virus / Trojan Horses

• Website Spoofing

• Web Attacks

These are just a few…unfortunately; these are some of the worst-case scenarios for us as brokers, individuals, and employers. 

Lucky for us we have a way to help protect your interest and calm your fears. Get in touch with Hometown Insurance today and we can assist you in the procurement of the right insurance product to fit your business needs.

Is your business safe from cyber-attacks? Call our cyber-experts at Hometown Insurance to review your business’ insurance at 1-800-568-SAVE (7283) or contact us by email at for helpful information.

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