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Interview with Jon Peters of Something’s Cooking

We had the pleasure of speaking with small business owner Jon Peters of Something’s Cooking, a catering and craft service company based out of Long Island City, NY.  Established in 1986, the company serves the entertainment trade as well as corporate clients throughout the tri-state area.

Jon is the head chef at Something’s Cooking.  When we asked him how he got started he explained that he was originally in the food manufacturing business, working at a company that made puff pastries, demi-glace and things of that sort.  And although at one time he flirted with the idea of opening a restaurant, his original plan was to stay in the food manufacturing field.  But Jon had friends in the advertising business who persistently asked him to cater their photo and television shoots.  They kept asking, he finally gave in, and the business has grown from there!  His high profile clients include Saturday Night Live, MTV, and the New York Yankees, to name just a few.

How do you market Something’s Cooking and stay ahead of the competition?

Entertainment is the main source of our business.  It’s very niche, so there’s not much competition.  The relationships we build with clients, the word of mouth is how we market.  We also have a website and Facebook page and we are listed in trade guides.  We also get peripheral work from the main business.

Have any of the current economic, social or political environments had an impact on your business?

There are so many different outlets today that are looking for content.  Between t.v., film, internet and cable, they are all looking to put content out there and that has created more work for us and allowed our business to continue to grow.

What do you consider to be your greatest challenge in running this business?

For me, the greatest challenge is staying on top of the market.  The market constantly changes as far as

dietary preferences, the need for environmentally friendly products on certain jobs, and staying in front

of food trends.

Speaking of trends, Is there a particular food that has survived the test of time?

Pigs in blankets is always a favorite!

What do you see as the biggest threat to small businesses today?

Definitely taxes.  And the cost of doing business in New York.  There’s sales tax and gas tax, and tax on my vehicles.  And prices never go down, so you have to know how to buy right.

So, do you have any movie star food stories you can share?

Well, I can’t say who! (laughing)  But there was a star on a movie set whose nutritionist required that we provide him with five ounces of grilled chicken and steamed vegetables every day.  Not once in 15 weeks did he eat any of that.  He ate the donuts!

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