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What To Do if You are Involved in an Auto Accident

auto-accident-peopleBy Joan LaFemina


  • NOT Leave The Scene
  • Pull to the side of the road if possible and put your hazard lights on
  • Call 911, especially If anyone is injured
  • Assess the situation and STAY CALM
  • Call your insurance company right away


  • Call the police to put in a report
  • Exchange information with the other driver: insurance company and policy number, license plate numbers, name and phone
  • Note the: specific dam­ages to vehicles, location, witnesses, police officer name & badge #
  • Make notes while the accident is fresh in your mind
  • Take photos of all cars involved and the location to show points of impact and weather conditions
  • State the facts, do not admit fault or discuss your policy limits


  • If able to get out of vehicle, assess the situation and be careful when approaching a wounded animal, determine if an emergency vet could be helpful
  • Call the police, they will have the animal removed from the road and take a report


  • Insurance ID Card and Vehicle Registration Card
  • Emergency Contact Phone Numbers
  • Cell Phone or Camera to take pictures

Remember to stay calm, breathe slowly and call your Hometown Personal Account Representative or Insurance Company direct. The claim contact number is always listed on your ID card. Most insurance company claim departments are available 24/7 and will walk you through your next steps. One step at a time…

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