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Meet Your Hometown Team – Community Volunteer Alicia Cessman

alicia-cessmanBy Joan LaFemina

Being a Hometown customer, you may not know a lot about your Personal Account Representatives other than they are there when you need them and are always willing to lend a hand. Within the Hometown team, we have many talented individuals that are passionate about insurance and helping their community.

Alicia Cessman, a Hometown Personal Account Representative also shares a passion for helping others outside of the office. She is an active EMT volunteer. Here is her interview:


What is your role at Hometown?

Alicia:  My role is in customer service, as a licensed broker I review your insurance. I offer quotes, compare coverage, and can help you to find the best coverage at the best rate for your needs. We represent many companies so I shop for you.


What made you want to volunteer and become an EMT?

Alicia: I had finished nursing school but did not want to work inside a hospital. I was already a volunteer in the fire department, so becoming an EMT was a good option to use my skills. Another way to help my community. I want to someday become a flight paramedic.


What are the highlights of your work and volunteering?

Alicia: As an agent, I have helped people save money and educated them about coverage, both benefitting the family in the long run. Speaking of family, on one call as an EMT was quite a surprise. When I arrived a woman was giving birth in her car’s back seat and I delivered her baby with the assistance of the Suffolk Police Department. While I could not address their auto insurance at that time. I was proud to be able to help her with this important event in her life.


Do you have advice for the insured?

Alicia: That’s a hard one to answer because everyone’s coverage needs are different, but overall, don’t have just the minimum liability and make sure you talk to us, your agent.


Is it worth volunteering?

Alicia: There are going to be times when you love, and when you hate it. It’s an intense process you must go through to become one, but at the end of the day it is really worth it.


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