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Scavenger Hunt Your Way Back to School!

shopping-cart-school-suppliesBy Leighann Bentivegna

Back to school shopping can be fun!

With school coming back into session, it’s time to go out and buy those necessary school supplies! Instead of going to the store and having it be a drag – why not make a game out of it, like a scavenger hunt? (Geared for ages 6-11)

To turn your child’s required supply list into a scavenger hunt. Re-type the list and put the supplies into a question like style. For example- finding a notebook can sound like this, “I come in many different colors with many pieces of me inside. If you open me up you can fill me with your words”.  Make it as difficult as your child can handle it! When you have completed this, it’s time to go shopping.


  1. Go to the supply store of your choice: Wal-Mart, Office Depot, Staples, etc.
  2. Give your child the list when you make it to the supplies isle
  3. Wait patiently as they try to figure out each problem but make sure they’re having fun!
  4. When each item is collected, it’s time to go home, pack that backpack and get ready for school!

School time is a great time to review your insurance coverage and make sure your family is properly covered at school and at home.

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