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Storm Chaser Should Not Be On Your Resume!

ocean-stormBy:  Joan LaFemina

Our modern world has created a casual response where major storms, including hurricanes, are concerned. Every storm season we see weather channel correspondents standing next to the shoreline being nearly blown away by wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour while chatting happily with the news anchor sitting safely at their desk. Don’t try this at home! Keep yourself out of harm’s way while appreciating the beauty Mother Nature offers.

You cannot control the weather, but you can keep yourself safe and your home secure and prepare for what is to come. Hurricane season for the Atlantic region began on June 1st and will continue until November 30th. In April, hurricane scientists at Colorado State University predicted a slightly above-average Atlantic hurricane season for us in 2018. Oh boy!

Some suggestions for handing it well:

  1. Before a hurricane or storm:
    1. Understand your insurance coverage, do you need a flood policy? What kind of water backup do you have on your homeowners policy? How much is your hurricane deductible? Do you have renters insurance for your belongings?
    2. Secure outdoor furniture, barbeques, planters, garden art and trash cans. Secure gutters, gates, garage doors and roofs.
    3. Determine the severity of the forecast. Will you need to evacuate, is it mandatory or recommended? Will your pet be able to come with you? Check your community shelter regulations for pets.
    4. Gather emergency supplies, find great content and lists at
  2. After a hurricane or storm:
    1. take time to inspect and document any damage with photos, video and notes.
    2. Secure anything that can be shored up to prevent any further damage.
    3. Call your agent right away to assess any potential claims. Keep records.

Storms happen and if you use your noggin’ you will weather it well. We are here to help you before and after, call your Hometown agent to assess your coverage at 1-800-568-SAVE (7283) or email us .

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Comments (1)

  1. Joseph J. Mikulas says:

    As a licensed Suffolk county master electrician, I have seen the damage caused by storms large and small. Your words of advice are timely and appropriate. Folks who heed your suggestions can save precious memories, valued possessions and if an insurance claim is necessary, make the process easier.