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Are my Valuable items covered when I Travel?

teddy-bear-travelBy Joan LaFemina,
Licensed Property & Casualty Agent

I cannot answer with a concrete yes or no. Why? Because I do not know what coverage is in place. The answer depends on the type of policy you have for homeowners insurance or renters insurance, if you have enough blanket coverage, if there is an exclusion for off-premises theft and/or if you have a separate personal articles floater (or valuable items) policy. Personal articles floater coverage for high value property typically protects worldwide against: loss, theft and/or damage as a result of an accident.

Let’s say you are enjoying a sea-doo ride in Hawaii and your ring flies off into the Pacific, OH NO! Well, it is painful but…you might be able to easily get your ring replaced if you have the right policy. Talk to your Hometown agent to review your coverage and have us quote insurance to protect your precious items.

Often when shopping for a policy, you think you want the lowest possible price because insurance is a mystery and you cannot visualize the protection it offers, the reality is… you want the best value for the coverage you need, not always the cheapest price.

Depending on the company and policy you may be able to “schedule” or list the appraised item, to be added through an endorsement. This “rider” provides coverage for that specific item. When you schedule something like a diamond ring it can also reduce or remove the amount needed to meet the deductible that applies for a policy claim.


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