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What I learned while working remotely

By: Joanie LaFemina

March brought many changes to our world, including the stay at home order from New York State for all but essential businesses. This order confirmed what I already knew, insurance is an essential business. What I learned however, is just how efficient and dynamic our Hometown Insurance team is at what they do…our team was fully operational remotely within hours. The needs important to you as a customer: timely response, problem-solving, and education were resolved and addressed as quickly as possible.

Some other things learned:

  • I like my husband (yes, I really do): we were able to have dinner together each night and the time together was a gift for us. We’ve been married 25 years and this was the longest consecutive time ever spent together, we reconnected. Gauging from Facebook, this was not the case in every house!
  • Sharing the dining room table with a spouse as a business office is not ideal: I may like him but that same boisterous energy I fell head-over-heels for was challenging for my task focus.
  • I do love to cook! Having full home cooked meals every night was a change but it was refreshing and helped us eat much healthier.
  • My dog really does sleep all day: I suspected as much but her loud snoring validated it.  
  • Work can still get done, even when you break for lunch and step outside for some fresh air. In fact, the break can bring your work into focus better.
  • People whose livelihood was impacted by all of this will need our support more than ever and often people don’t ask for help. Give to your local support system: food banks, charitable groups, houses of worship. Bring a dinner to a neighbor now and then, it goes a long way.

At this point, the majority of our team has transitioned back to the office every day and I realize now how much I missed everyone! It seems like working at home had its perks but I am glad to have the structure of the work environment. I am thankful for the experience and the new perspective. My respect for my husband, colleagues and customers alike grew during these events.   

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