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What is Your Cyber-awareness? What is the cost of a breach?

By Hometown Insurance

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According to Visa, 85 percent of data breaches occur at small businesses. Further, 60 percent of small businesses victimized by cybercrime shut down within six months.

Any business that transmits, collects or stores private information, or works with those who do, is at risk for a data breach. Private information includes social security numbers, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, personnel files, medical records and more.

As per Jenn Barrett, Director of Commercial Lines Operations at Hometown Insurance Agency:

“Virtual and remote work has been an eye opener for our small business clients, they are far more susceptible to the risk of cyber-attacks. The employee’s home firewalls do not frequently offer the same protection as their office’s secure system.

Small businesses are the least prepared to deal with the financial impact or educate themselves about the issues that can arise.

Another coverage, social engineering may not be available on a cyber-policy but may be available on a crime policy.

Call us, we are here to provide the education needed and can review your coverage options.”

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