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What kind of Boater are You?

fishingBy Joan LaFemina,
Licensed Property & Casualty Agent

Do you water ski? Fish? Swim?

All of the above? I have been a boater my whole life, love it all and know that each activity brings its own prep: sunscreen, floaties, skis, bait & tackle, lunch, swimsuits and insurance!

How do you know if you brought the right bait? You get to bring home dinner. The right sunscreen? No sunburn. How will you know if you have the right insurance coverage? Call us before something happens! Think about your boat type, age and usage and it will help us to help you determine the coverage you need.

Boats come in all shapes, sizes and speeds and one of the perks of speed is water skiing. For average 18-24’ pleasure style boats, a standard insurance policy applies and typically will provide enough liability coverage for you to comfortably enjoy your water sports. Want to stay safe while towing that skier? Take a Coast Guard approved boater safety course, it can sometimes offer you discounted rates. During the course you will learn about boating etiquette, collision prevention, weather & boat safety and navigation skills.

Larger yachts and high-speed boats require more attention for insurance coverage due to specialized equipment, cost for replacement or repair and navigational waters. We have companies that can customize your coverage if you have a crew, plan long hauls, race or have a high value hull.

If you are an avid fisher and drift to make your catch, always be on the lookout for obstacles under water, other boats and proximity to docks. Make sure your engine is solid, drifting is not the time to find out your starter is not up to par. Anchored fishing is more relaxed but keep an eye on the tide and depth, anchors can and do drift. When anchored, watch for the rogue boater who seems to forget there is anyone else on the water, powering past you under full speed, scaring away fish and making you drop your delicious roast beef hero.

Whatever kind of boater you are, watch the weather, plan ahead and anchors away!

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