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Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Why Is It Needed?

By – Jennifer Barrett, Director of Underwriting at Hometown Insurance

Workers' Compensation
Jennifer Barrett & Phasma

I have heard many workers’ compensation claim cases in my 20-year insurance career. They range from the “OMG, that really happened?”, unbelievable claims, to the “Oh my, will they be OK?” serious injuries in the blink of an eye.

One claim that stands out, and could happen in any workplace, was a person trying to remove a stuck bottle from a vending machine at their place of employment. This person tried everything from kicking and punching the machine, to wiggling it back and forth, to recruiting an employee to help them move it from the wall. Well, as you would expect, the employee and the co-worker were injured when the machine started to tip over.  The machine fell over onto one of them,  hurting their arm and leg, and the other employee was injured while trying to move the machine solo – sustaining cuts and bruises. 

Other claims I’ve reviewed have been much more serious and have led to life-altering injuries or even death. Think of all of the employees who work at heights every day, on voltage lines or in trucks (picking things up and putting them down – in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice).  You can take one mis-step in performing something you have done repeatedly, and yet, it could be game over if you do not pay attention.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance will not prevent these injuries but provides the employee with coverage for lost wages, medical benefits, rehabilitation and death benefits.  Benefits are provided to you if you experience a covered work-related injury or illness.  There are a few things not covered by workers’ compensation insurance such as off-the-job injuries, acts of god, and sicknesses like the flu. 

Guidelines do vary by state so it is important to speak with us, as your trusted advisor, regarding your state’s guidelines and your company needs for Workers’ Compensation benefits.   We have options to cover and protect you and your business.

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